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5 Signs Your Dog Has a Sensitive Digestive System

The bond you form with your dog will be unique and special, and even though they can’t speak our language, we can soon tell when something isn’t quite right with our furry friend. Stomach issues can be a common problem in many dogs and it is not breed specific. Many owners look past the signs of an unsuitable diet, but a sensitive stomach can make your dog feel uncomfortable and can leave unwanted messes and smells around the home. If you think that something isn’t quite right with your dog’s stomach, here are 5 signs your dog has a sensitive digestive system.

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Loose Stools

Intermittent loose stools and diarrhea is a common symptom of a sensitive digestive system in dogs. You will notice this problem whenever anything in their diet changes. If it is occurring on a continuous basis, then it could be due to their diet. …