The Best Cat Tips You Will Ever Read

Cats are excellent pets and very interesting animals. They are smart, independent and loving. However, it’s not easy caring for a kitten properly. Read on to find out how to properly care for your cat.
Your house can really get torn apart by a cat’s claws. If you want to prevent or stop your cat from scratching up your furniture, the best thing to do is buy a scratching post or kitty tower for them to climb in. Put cat nip on it to attract them to it. It may take some time, but it should eventually work.
If your cat is traveling with you, remember their ears. You cat is used to being at home and it might shock him to hear you singing at the top of your lungs. To keep your cat calm and collected over the course of your trip, keep the stereo low – or perhaps off entirely.
Cats can be great pets for children, but some younger children may be a bit too rough with cats. Teach your kids the right way to hold a cat. Teach them what are appropriate activities and how to gently touch it. The bones of a cat are weaker than a dogs, therefore, they should be handled with care.
Try figuring out why the cat is purring. By paying attention, you should eventually learn why your cat is meowing. It could be she’s hungry or needs to go outside. Look for the cues and you’ll be much more in tune with your pet.
Make sure you are cautious about leaving a young child alone with a small kitten. Children under 5 years of age should not be alone with the pet. Young children are not yet mature enough to realize what behaviors are dangerous to a cat. Once the child grows up a little, he might be more able to handle the kitten.
You may want to try different types of cat food. Cats can easily become finicky eaters. If you start them off eating the same type of food all of the time and you never change it up, this will most likely be the only food they will eat in the future.
If you want to buy a second cat, prepare for some time where the cats will be familiarizing themselves with each other. Two cats may fight, hiss, or hide from each other until they become more comfortable. After a bit of time, you’ll have two cats that will tolerate, and possibly enjoy, each other.
If your cat uses the bathroom more than normal, or if they suddenly stop using the litter box, think about taking them to the veterinarian. This may be a symptom of an infection of the urinary tract or another health problem in your cat. In many cases, cheap antibiotics will resolve the problem and keep your cat healthy.
Every cat loves to have lots of play time. Really play is something that all mammals share, no matter the age. Even a mature cat that isn’t as spry anymore it still loves to play around. Play with your cat and give them the fun time it needs.
The best way to make sure that you have a healthy cat is to keep up to date with vaccinations and trips to the vet. As with children, cats have to be immunized. Wellness checks are important to avoid diseases and health issues. You love your cat, so take the best care of him as possible.
Sometimes, foods are healthy for humans but not for cats. Examples of problem foods include garlic, green tomatoes, onions and grapes. If your cat eats these things, they could become very sick. Too much milk can also be a bad thing for a grown cat.
A declawed cat should not be outdoors. Your cat will have no way of defending itself against other animals, which means it could get seriously injured or even killed. Cats should only be declawed if they’re going to be inside fulltime. Even then, you should only have the front claws removed. A cat’s back claws are not used when scratching furniture, so those can be left.
Do not give human medications to cats. If your cat is suffering from a medical condition, be sure and take them to a vet to get the proper medication. Providing your cat with a human medication can seriously harm them, and it just might kill them.
Cats will smell changes around their home. This may cause some problems when introducing new beds, scratching posts, or food dishes. Your cat will probably not like these items immediately; therefore, be patient. As the smell takes on the smell of your home, your cat will warm up to it.
You might think that bathing your cat will improve the condition of its fur. In their ordinary day-to-day lives, though, cats seldom get dirty enough to require bathing. Cats clean themselves, after all. Cats actually care about the way they look!
If you own a cat, you should get it spayed or neutered as soon as possible. Cats are known for their curiosity. Even indoor cats will try to get out. Even if it is only out for a few hours, your cat could end up pregnant. Lots of cats lose their lives because of overpopulation every year.
Cats cannot be vegan. Cats need meat. Animal proteins are the source of Taurine, which helps prevent heart issues and blindness in cats. In order for your cat to be as healthy as possible, make sure their food contains the right amount of meat. You can ask your vet for their recommendations for percentages.
Familiarize yourself with the pluses and minuses of common cat food ingredients so you can shop for your pet responsibly. Ingredients to avoid include chemical preservatives, corn filler and meats that aren’t specifically named. These ingredients might not harm your pet right away, but they don’t add sufficient nutritional value. You should look for a cat food containing a protein like chicken or beef as its first ingredient.
Cats are great pets to have around the home if you know what you’re doing when you’re caring for them. This is why it’s important to learn all you can about caring for your pet. Study these tips carefully. Then put your new knowledge to use.