Great Tips For Training Your New Puppy

You must take the responsibility of owning a dog seriously. You must ensure your dog’s happiness and health at all times. Understanding how to reach such a balance requires you to learn everything possible, and this article is here to help.

Being a dog owner can be very costly. High quality dog food, medical care, toys and treats can easily run close to $1,000 in a year. Health insurance for your pet can be a great idea to help you in emergency situations.

Your home must be dog-proofed. This should be done before the dog shows up at your home. All cleaning supplies and medications should be moved out of reach of your dog. You should also find a way of securing your trash somewhere that your dog cannot get to, such as in a cabinet. Keep house plants out of his reach, especially if they could be poisonous.

Don’t allow your dog to leave your property without being on a leash even if you think your dog is well behaved. Something could distract him, like a squirrel or a cat, causing him to leave your side. Ultimately, you’re the one who’s responsible for your dog’s safety, as well as its actions.

When training your dog, use hand gestures along with the verbal commands. Dogs tend to read body language and signs very well. Every pet is different though, so use a combination of both verbal and visual cues and then determine what works the best.

The dog breed you choose should blend in well with your lifestyle. If you are a hunter for example, perhaps a retriever is the dog for you. By the same token, if you are a quiet person, you should choose a quiet lap dog. Finding a dog that matches your personality will make both of you happy.

Try not to force your dog to eat things. If you offer him a treat he doesn’t seem to like, do not make him eat it. It’s important to take your pets likes and dislikes into consideration and to not push them into anything unnecessary.

You need to ensure your dog will come back if he runs away; that is why you need to have a collar with his information on it. To make it more likely that your dog finds its way home to you should it become lost, outfit it with a collar that has identification tags attached. The tag should let people know what your dog’s name is along with your contact information. You may also want to install a micro-chip into your dog.

Know any canine laws that might affect your ownership. Watch to see if there are any laws passed that affect your situation as the owner of a dog. Sometimes people might misjudge a breed. You should always call the authorities.

Take the dog to see the vet often. Your pet will need to go to the vet so it can get tested for heart worms, get a general check up, and to see if the shots are still up to date. A puppy requires more constant vet visits. At the first sign of illness or if your dog is injured, don’t hesitate to take him to the vet.

When selecting a new dog to come and live with an existing dog, take your current dog to meet him if at all possible. Though most are sociable, certain dogs are better able to get along with other dogs than others. Having dogs that get along with each other makes your life that much easier.

Are you aware that vitamins can harm your dog? Don’t give a dog extra vitamins. Too much of a good thing can compromise the liver, kidneys and other essential organs. You should ask your veterinarian if you are not sure what to do.

When engaged in dog training, stick to the methods that use positive reinforcement. Giving your dog praise and rewarding them will teach them better and quicker than force or violence. Humane treatment in training is not only better for the dog in the long run, but will be more effective as well. Be kind to your dog and you’ll see some great results.

When you’re beginning training, experiment with various reward systems. Do what you can to learn what motivates your dog. Use food as a positive reward when you start. If your dog prefers toys, have a quick game of tug of war once your pup does what you want. A few dogs are even motivated by being petted!

You have to really watch everything your dog eats. When they’re a puppy, you can give them calorie-dense foods since they need them for growth. These rich foods can cause health issues when your dog reaches its adult size and.

Take special care during the summer. It is easy for a dog to become overheated, and this can cause health problems. You need to have a place for them to get out of the sun in the summer months. Provide your dog with some cool water too. Also, your dog might not like the sun’s rays, so ask the vet if you can get some sunscreen for your dog.

Consider what your dog is eating. Some types of dog food cost more than others, and often it’s not the food in it that’s bumping up the price. Talk to your vet about what sort of nutritional needs your dog has, and do your own independent research. Diet is a great way to give your dog a longer and happier life.

If you find your dog chewing on inappropriate items, consider purchasing a few dog toys or chewable treats such as antlers and bully sticks. These are safe things for a dog to chew on, instead of your furniture. You can find them at pet stores and big box outlets.

You can now start properly caring for your dog. Make an effort to accommodate your dog’s needs, and you will be rewarded. You owe it to your dog to provide him with the best life possible.