Choose In-Home Pet Euthanasia To Provide Your Pet A Comforting Environment

Objectivity is hard to find when it’s your lovely furry animal who is suffering so much that the time has come to give euthanasia and make them sleep forever. No matter how much you wait, the right time is never going to come because parting from a loved one is always difficult and no one wants to make that decision consciously.

However, some terminal diseases make them suffer a lot and it is in their best interest that they are put to sleep most peacefully.

A vet clinic often makes the pets more stressful and this is why many clinics in New York and neighboring cities are providing in home euthanasia services. If you are making this difficult decision right now and looking for a trained hand, you can contact Zen Dog Veterinary care clinic where Dr. Ray is exclusively trained in providing painless and safe pet euthanasia in surroundings that feel familiar to your pet and make them feel comforted.

Benefits of giving euthanasia in the home

  • The surroundings are familiar to the pet and they will not stress out or cry during their last moments.
  • The pets will feel comforted to know that you are with them along with other members of the family and fellow pets if there are any.
  • The fellow pets and children will get closure if they know their most loved friend has passed away.
  • Providing them with their favorite blanket or toy at home can help them feel more at ease.
  • In some instances, terminally ill large dogs are difficult to carry in the cars to the vet hospital and hence, in-home services can be very useful in such cases.
  • It will ensure that your pet’s passing away is a private moment that you can share with your most loved pet and your family.

You must ensure that the mobile services providing pet euthanasia at home are licensed and equipped with all necessary tools and medications to help your pet go through the procedure without any pain.  

The only disadvantage to putting your pet to sleep in the home is that if anything goes wrong during the process, the vet clinic is better equipped to deal with the situation. Also, you will always have to live with the memory of those last moments every day in your house. So, this could be difficult for you or your children mentally.

Once the veterinary team arrives at your home, they will sedate your furry friend before giving the anesthetic injection to make the process painless for the pet. Cremation is also arranged by them and you can ask for their remains to be returned to you.

If you are finding it difficult to process the grief of such a huge loss in your life, you can contact counselors at the vet clinic who are especially experienced in dealing with the loss of pets which many people are unable to understand. We love our pets the same way as we love our children and the loss of pets comes with an equal amount of pain.